Deep Learning Morphology

Our goal is to improve medicine with the help of machine and deep learning.

The research group of Deep Learning Morphology (DLM) was established in fall 2017 at the Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology and has committed itself to solving tasks associated with morphology. We have than moved to the Institute of Neuropathology in fall 2019.

Why the name deep learning morphology?

Morphology is where we come from; it is our origin! We asses it with our eyes and process it with our biological cortical neuronal network; our visual cortex.

Digitalized morphology can thus be assessed via artificial neural networks with the help of deep learning.

That is why one of our main research interests is tackling digital pathology and radiology issues.

They are ranging from managing technical workflow of whole slide images towards assistance in diagnosis with the use of artificial neural networks, identification of imaging biomarkers in images, genotype-phenotype mapping, tissue identification and classification; all via supervised and unsupervised learning techniques.

However for us deep learning morphology is not limited to the mere visual context. We are also happy to help and collaborate with others.

If you have any problems, issues or questions associated with deep learning and/ or morphology in any way we would be pleased to hear from you.

We also explicitly encourage businesses, researchers or students to contact us whether they have technical needs, are interested in a collaborative project or want to learn more about AI.

We are at your service!

If you whish to contact us please do not hesitate to contact:

PD. Dr. med. Samir Jabari

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