Identification of imaging biomarkers for Low Grade Epilepsy Associated Tumors with deep learning algorythms.

We are proud that we have just been granted the following IZKF Junior Proposal:

Low-grade epilepsy-associated brain tumours (LEAT) are rare entities with poor interobserver histopathology agreement. The WHO has established an integrated genotype- phenotype classification for most brain tumor entities, but not LEAT. Bioinformatical deep learning algorithms have proven success in extracting such genotype- phenotype information from histopathology slides. Our research proposal evolves around this innovative approach in order to provide diagnostically useful imaging biomarkers. In addition, we propose to develop a web-based application of this classifier to aid pathologist outside UKER with the challenging diagnosis of GG and DNT.

This project is going to be scheduled for the next 30 month and will be mainly adressed by Samir Jabari

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